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For Life
2008.06.16(Review of 2003.03.03 edition)


With vacation quickly approaching, it's no surprise that the WordMaster - that biggest of movie fans - is keenly anticipating the summer movie season. He'd like to share that excitement with you this week by taking a second look at a series of expressions we introduced about five years ago. So sit back and enjoy some WordMaster classics!

Today's Lesson
SLEEPER   思いがけず当たった映画(演劇)


  • A sleeper is a movie, play, etc. that attracts little notice at first, but becomes an unexpected success.
  • sleeper は、当初、あまり注目されていなかったにも関わらず、思いがけず当たった映画や演劇などのことです。



  1. The sleeper of the summer, an independent film shot by an unknown director, started playing in just 50 theaters and with almost no advertising.
  2. (movie critic)
    This extraordinary film, a real sleeper that has come from nowhere, shows us just how powerful an intelligent documentary can be.
  3. Max Berlitz's new romantic comedy looks to become the sleeper hit of the year, beating out all three big-budget action-adventure movies that were expected to dominate (= lead) at the box office.

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