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2008.06.18(Review of 2003.03.05 edition)

Hello again!

Welcome to a special showing of the Wednesday WordMaster, nominated for 12 Academy Awards including Best Short Feature, Best Adapted Explanation, and Best Example in a Supporting Role!

Today's Lesson


  • An advance ticket is a ticket for a movie, concert, play, etc. that you buy BEFORE going to the event.
  • advance ticket とは、映画やコンサート、演劇などの、事前に販売されるチケット、つまり、前売り券のことです。



  1. You can save about 500 yen if you buy an advance ticket instead of buying a ticket at the theater.
  2. We ordered advance tickets online, so we wouldn't have to wait in line at the box office.
  3. Advance ticket sales for the orchestra's annual Christmas concert begin in October.
  4. They started taking advance ticket orders at 10 in the morning, and by early afternoon the performance was already sold out.

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