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2008.06.20(Review of 2003.03.07 edition)

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Do you hear the popcorn popping? Can you smell that buttery aroma wafting through the lobby? It's the second-best thing about going to the movies. It's time to make a trip to the ...

Today's Lesson


  • A concession or concession stand in a movie theater, concert hall, stadium, etc. is a place where snacks, drinks, or gifts and souvenirs are sold.
  • concession または concession stand とは、映画館、コンサートホール、スタジアムなどの中で、軽食や飲み物、記念品、土産物などを売っている売店のことです。



  1. (sitting in a theater)
    You stay here. I'll go to the concession and get some snacks.
  2. (at a baseball game)
    Do you think they have espresso drinks at any of the concession stands?
  3. (announcement at a movie theater before the trailers begin)
    Please make sure your cell phone is turned off, and don't forget to visit our concession stand for popcorn and your favorite soft drink.

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