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We spent last week observing Marine Day. This week, we're going to stay on the water and introduce you to a few more ways to cool off this summer!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
RIVER vs. STREAM   川 VS. 小川


  • A river is a long, wide, natural body of water that flows into the ocean, a lake, or another river.

    A stream is a small, narrow river.
  • river は、海、湖、他の川に流れ込む、長く、幅のある、自然な水の集まり、つまり、川のことです。

    stream は、小さくて、幅の狭い川、つまり、小川のことです。



  1. The annual fireworks display over the Sumida River is one of Tokyo's great summer events.
  2. a: Do you want to go swimming in the river?
    b: Is it safe? The current looks really strong.
  3. (tourists in the birthplace of William Shakespeare)
    a: Why is it called Stratford-upon-Avon?
    b: Because the river Avon flows through the town.
  4. a: I heard you went on a river cruise in the Amazon Jungle.
    b: That's right. We spent seven days sailing down the river in a 100-year-old river boat.
  5. We set our blankets down next to a cool mountain stream and had the most delightful picnic!
  6. They live near a grassy park with a little stream running through it.

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