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For Life

Hello! July is winding down - and so is the river we've been spending time upon this week. Here's the Wednesday installment!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
PADDLE vs. OAR   パドル vs. オール


  • A paddle (noun) is a short pole with a wide, flat end or ends, used to move a boat (especially a canoe or kayak) across the water.

    An oar is a long pole with a wide, flat end, used - in pairs and while attached to the sides of the boat - to move a boat across the water.
  • 名詞の paddle とは、特にカヌーやカヤックのようなボートを漕ぐのに使う、片方もしくは両方の先端が幅広で、平らになっている短い棒、つまり、パドルのことです。

    oar とは、2本セットで舟に取り付けられている、先端が幅広で、平らになっている長い棒、つまり、オールのことです。



  1. (in a canoe)
    That's not how you're supposed to hold the paddle. Let me show you.
  2. Canoe and kayak paddles float, so they won't sink to the bottom if you drop them.
  3. (watching a boat race)
    It's amazing how all of their oars enter the water at exactly the same time!

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