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MELODY / LYRICS   メロディ/歌詞


  • A melody is the series of musical notes in a song. It's also the most important series of musical notes in a longer or more complex (= not simple) piece of music; for example, in music for orchestra or in a song for two or more singers.

    Lyrics are the words of a song.
  • melody とは、歌における一連の音符のことです。例えば、オーケストラや、二人以上の歌手が歌う歌など、長い曲や、より複雑な作品においては、一連の音符の中で、いちばん大切な部分をさすこともあります。

    lyrics とは、歌の言葉の部分、つまり、歌詞のことです。



  1. He's my favorite songwriter. He's written some beautiful melodies.
  2. (Peter is humming)
    JAN: I recognize that melody. Where have I heard it before?
    PETER: It's the theme from the movie “Breakfast at Berlitz.”
  3. (in a karaoke box)
    You sing the melody on this one, and I'll sing harmony.
  4. I never forget a melody, but I have a hard time remembering lyrics.
  5. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of this song? They're beautiful!
  6. I've been trying to learn the lyrics to my favorite American songs to increase my English vocabulary.

英会話レッスンWe'll be back tomorrow, humming another memorable English tune!