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For Life
2008.09.10(Review of 2004.01.21 edition)


Since their invention, TVs have been pursuing a radical self-improvement plan. The chunky black-and-white boxes of the 50s and 60s have been replaced by long and slender models with complexions of dazzling color and clarity. No wonder we can't take our eyes off of them!

Today's Lesson
(TV) SCREEN   スクリーン、画面


  • A screen is a flat (or slightly curved) surface on which photographs, TV broadcasts, movies, etc., are shown.
  • screen とは、写真やテレビ放送、映画などを映し出すための平面、または少しカーブした面のことです。



  1. I just bought a 150 cm flat screen TV.
  2. I do most of my work in front of a computer screen.
  3. It's a movie that really should be seen on the big screen (= at a movie theater).
  4. The new blockbuster “Berlitz Bilingual” will be opening on thousands of screens (= movie theaters) around the country.

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