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Take a good, long, deep breath! Ahh! Now THAT'S the taste of autumn!

Today's Lesson
FRESH (AIR)   さわやかな、新鮮な(空気)


  • When talking about the weather, fresh means cool and (often) windy.

    Fresh air is the air outside rather than inside, or air that is clean and cool, such as air in the country.
  • 気候について fresh を使う場合、涼しくて(しばしば)風が吹いている状態、つまり、さわやかな、という意味です。

    fresh air とは、屋内ではなく屋外の空気、または、田舎の空気のようなきれいで涼しい空気、つまり、新鮮な空気、という意味です。



  1. I love these fresh autumn days!
  2. Do you mind if I open a window to let some fresh air in?
  3. I'm going out for a while to get some fresh air.
  4. (hiking in the Japan Alps)
    The air is so fresh here! And look at those autumn colors!

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