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2008.10.14(Review of 2002.01.30 edition)

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As if October in Japan isn't special enough, the WordMaster has reached deep into the archives to bring you a collection of expressions that'll get your English sounding more natural than ever. Why not give them a look?

Today's Lesson
WHY NOT ...?   〜してはどうですか。


  • The expression “Why not (do something)?” is used to suggest something. It means “Why don't you (do something)?”

    We can also use the expression “Why not (something)?” (without a verb) when the verb is understood. For example, if someone is trying to choose a paint color, you can say “Why not blue?”
  • Why not +動詞 ...? は、何かを提案するときに使う表現で、Why don't you ...?(〜してはどうですか)という意味になります。

    動詞がわかっているものだったら、省いて Why not +名詞 ...? と言うこともできます。例えば、誰かがペンキの色を選ぼうとしているのなら Why not blue?(青はどうですか)となります。

WHY NOT ...?


  1. a: I want to do something special for Reiko's birthday.
    b: Why not take her to a hot spring?
  2. a: Tom and I are thinking of having children soon.
    b: You just got married. Why not wait a few years?
  3. (high school students)
    a: I still haven't got a date (= a partner) for the dance.
    b: Why not ask Sally? You know how much she likes you.
  4. (after Sammy breaks a lamp)
    SAMMY: What am I going to tell Mom when she gets home?
    OLDER SISTER: Why not the truth? She's going to find out anyway.

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