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2008.10.15(Review of 2001.07.30 edition)

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Today's Lesson
HOW ABOUT ...?   〜はどうですか。


  • The expression “How about (something)?” can be used to offer something to someone - for example, “How about some coffee?”

    We can also use this expression to suggest something; for example, “How about coming on Friday?” (with a verb) or “How about Friday?” (without a verb).
  • How about ...? は、人に何かを勧めるときに使える表現です。例えば、How about some coffee?(コーヒーはいかがですか)などです。

    How about ...? は、人に何かを提案するときにも使えます。例えば、(動詞と共に)How about coming on Friday?(金曜日に来てはどうですか)や、(動詞抜きで)How about Friday?(金曜日はどうですか)などです。



  1. a: How about another piece of cake?
    b: Yes, please.
  2. a: How about some wine with your meal?
    b: No, thank you. I don't drink.
  3. a: We'll have to wait 20 minutes for the next bus.
    b: Then how about taking a taxi instead?
  4. (young man and woman about to have a baby)
    a: What are we going to call the baby if it's a boy?
    b: How about Maximilian?
    a: You're kidding, right?

英会話レッスンHow about meeting us here again tomorrow?