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(IM)MATURE   成熟した/未熟な


  • A mature (adjective) person looks, thinks, and/or behaves like an adult.

    The opposite of “mature” is immature.

    To mature (verb) is to become mature.
  • 人について mature と言うと、大人のような外見をしたり、考えたり、またはふるまったりする、つまり、成熟した、という意味です。

    mature の反意語は、immature で、未熟な、という意味です。

    動詞の mature は、成熟する、という意味です。



  1. She's very mature for her age.
  2. (Betty is 10)
    I don't think Betty is mature enough to stay home by herself yet, do you?
  3. Some of the boys in my class are pretty immature, always talking in class and teasing the smaller kids.
  4. a: How much older is Theresa than Bobby?
    b: Actually, she's two years younger than he is, but girls mature a lot faster than boys, don't they?
  5. (at a five-year class reunion)
    a: You've really matured since I last saw you.
    b: I guess that happens when you get married and have a baby.

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