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2008.02.15(Review of 2006.05.25 edition)

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Today's Lesson
NEGLIGENT   怠慢な、不注意な


  • To be negligent is to not give the proper care and attention to something you are responsible for, especially when this results in damage or harm.

    The noun form is negligence.
  • negligent とは、自分が責任をもつべきものに対して、適切な配慮や注意を払わない、つまり、怠慢な、不注意な、という意味です。特に、結果的に損害や危害につながる場合に使います。

    名詞形は negligence です。



  1. It was determined that the company was negligent in failing to take appropriate security measures.
  2. We lost a very important account due to his negligent handling of the project.
  3. (sign in parking garage)
    The management will not be responsible for damage to any vehicle parked in this facility unless caused by the negligence of the management or its employees.
  4. They're accusing the construction company of criminal negligence.

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