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2008.07.14(Review of 2005.06.20 edition)

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Is there a friend, co-worker, or supervisor you'd like to talk about in English with a ... friend, co-worker, or supervisor? Looking for just the right word to describe their personality, character, or abilities? Well, here's a week full of frequently used adjectives that should help you say what's on your mind!

Today's Lesson
SHARP   鋭い、頭が切れる


  • Someone is sharp if they understand or notice things quickly. We can also describe particular aspects of such a person using this word; for example, someone can have a “sharp mind,” “sharp eyes,” etc.
  • 人について sharp というと、物事を理解したり、何かに気付くことが早い、という意味になります。
    また、この言葉を使ってそういう人々の具体的な特徴を表すこともできます。例えば、have a “sharp mind”.(頭が切れる)や、“sharp eyes”.(目ざとい)などです。



  1. That new intern is very sharp. I'm offering him a permanent position here.
  2. (an interviewer)
    I purposely asked the applicant a few questions meant to confuse her, but she was too sharp to be thrown off balance.
  3. His sharp eyes and sharp intellect made him a very successful detective.
  4. Our woman in charge of hiring has always had a sharp eye for quality personnel. Because of her, we have the best staff in the business.
  5. Hank used his sharp mind to make a killing in commodities trading. He made his first million by the time he was 27.

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