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2008.07.15(Review of 2005.06.21 edition)

Here's a word worth knowing, if only for the unusual double-V combination. You won't find many of those in your dictionary!

Today's Lesson
SAVVY   実際的知識、実際的知識のある


  • Savvy is practical knowledge, understanding, or ability.

    Someone is savvy if they have such qualities.
  • 名詞の savvy は、実用的な知識、理解、能力のことです。

    形容詞の savvy は、このような性質を持っている人について説明するときに使います。



  1. Her financial savvy has made her fabulously wealthy.
  2. Katherine's political savvy has served her well as a lobbyist for the chemical industry.
  3. They've hired an extremely savvy negotiator. We're really going to have to do our homework if we hope to gain the advantage.
  4. Most young people these days are far more computer savvy than their parents.

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