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2008.07.16(Review of 2005.06.29 edition)

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Today's Lesson
LAID-BACK   おおらかな、のんびりした


  • To be laid-back is to be relaxed and not worry about things.
  • laid-back は、物事の心配をしない、リラックスした状態のことです。



  1. You're lucky your supervisor is so laid-back. Mine is always angry or upset about something.
  2. (to a new employee on his first day)
    This is a very laid-back office. We're never very busy, and everyone leaves at 5:00. Why don't you start by taking off your tie and making yourself a cup of coffee?
  3. (businessman to partner)
    How can you be so laid-back about this situation? Don't you realize we might end up defaulting on our loan?
  4. (talking about her supervisor)
    I wish he was more laid-back about when people get to the office. Being a few minutes late once in a while shouldn't be a big deal.

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