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We thought we'd surprise you this week with a varied, unpredictable, fascinating collection of fresh new WordMasters. To loosely paraphrase a line from a memorable movie of the recent past, this week's WordMaster is like a box of assorted chocolates - you won't know what's inside the next piece until you take that first bite!

Today's Lesson


  • A vending machine is a machine that you put money into to buy soft drinks, snacks, cigarettes, etc.
  • vending machine とは、お金を入れて、ソフトドリンクや軽食、たばこなどを買う機械、つまり、自動販売機のことです。



  1. (customer to shop clerk)
    I put a dollar in the vending machine outside, but nothing came out.
  2. The vending machines in the school cafeteria only dispense (= sell; give out) bottled water and healthy snacks now.
  3. In order to prevent underage smoking, many cigarette vending machines now check the buyer's age by reading an IC card.
  4. With 2.7 million beverage (= drink) vending machines throughout the city, you never have to worry about going thirsty in Tokyo!

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