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For Life

Here it is, this week's final episode - canned laughter and all!

Today's Lesson
SITCOM   シットコム・ホームコメディー


  • A sitcom or SITuation COMedy is a TV series in which the characters are involved in different humorous situations (= conditions or events that make you laugh) on each show.
  • sitcomSITuation COMedy とは、登場人物が毎回違う、ユーモアのあるシチュエーション(笑わせる状況やできごと)に巻き込まれる、TV番組シリーズのことです。



  1. (TV commercial)
    Don't miss the next hilarious episode of the hit sitcom “Berlitz 90210” when Setsuko has the school teach English to her parrot!
  2. (to his roommate watching TV)
    a: What are you watching?
    b: It's a new British sitcom. It's pretty funny!
  3. Many situation comedies from the 1960s were about the daily lives of ordinary families.
  4. After starring in two popular situation comedies, Jessica decided to try a career in Hollywood.

英会話レッスンWe've had a great time with you this week. Thanks for making it possible!