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For Life
2009.02.06(Review of 2006.08.08 edition)

Here's another crossword puzzle clue to welcome you back with!

1. ...
5. ...
9. ...

1. ...
2. ...
3. the opposite of “farewell”

Today's Lesson


  • The opposite of a word is another word that has a completely different meaning; for example, “black” is the opposite of “white,” and “big” is the opposite of “small.”

    By the way, we call a word that is the opposite of another word an “antonym.”
  • opposite とは、まったく異なる意味をもつ単語、つまり、反意語のことです。例えば「黒」は「白」の反意語、「大きい」は「小さい」の反意語です。

    ちなみに、反意語のことを、antonym とも言います。



  1. a: What's the opposite of "break"?
    b: Repair.”
  2. a: Is “dog” the opposite of “cat”?
    b: No, I don't think “cat” really has an opposite.
  3. Loud” and “soft” are opposites.
  4. (crossword puzzle clue)
    Opposite of “plug in.”**

英会話レッスンThanks for joining us this week. May your weekend be just the opposite of terrible!

** Answer: unplug