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For Life
2009.02.17(Review of 2004.01.27 edition)


If winter has got you down, here are some thoughts to lift your spirits:

- In just a year from now, the world will be celebrating its greatest athletes once again, this time at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver, British Columbia!
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Today's Lesson
NONSENSE   ばかげている、意味をなさないもの


  • A word or action is nonsense if it is foolish, ridiculous, not true, or has no meaning.
  • nonsense は、言葉や行動がばかげている、とんでもない、真実ではない、意味をなさない、という意味です。



  1. This bill is nonsense! It says I owe the store $416 for five pairs of shoes, but I've never even BEEN to that store!
  2. a: I'll never get married. I'm just not the kind of girl men fall in love with.
    b: Nonsense! You're the sweetest, kindest girl I know. If I wasn't already married, I'd propose to you right now.
  3. It's nonsense to spend over ¥20,000 a month for a health club membership and then continue to smoke.
  4. (looking at the lyrics from a CD)
    YUICHI: What does “Bop bop diddley pop” mean?
    MIKE: It doesn't mean anything. They're just nonsense words.

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