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For Life
2009.03.16(Review of 2001.11.29 and 2001.11.30 edition)

Hello, and welcome back!

There really is no business like show business, and it's hard to beat Hollywood for glamorous, larger-than-life entertainment. So we're off to the movies this week to spend a couple of hours under the spell of the silver screen. Please join us, won't you?

Today's Lesson
(movie) GENRE   (映画の)ジャンル


  • A genre is a particular style of movie, music, literature, etc.

    Some common movie genres are:

    Romance/Love Story
    Science Fiction/Fantasy

    Be Careful! In spoken English, the expression SF (for science fiction) is NOT generally used, although you sometimes see it (as well as “Sci-Fi”) in written English.
  • genre とは、映画、音楽、文学などの特定のスタイル、つまり、ジャンルのことです。


    Action/Adventure  アクション/アドベンチャー
    Comedy  コメディー
    Documentary  ドキュメンタリー
    Drama  ドラマ
    Horror/Suspense  ホラー/サスペンス
    Romance/Love Story  ロマンス/恋愛
    Science Fiction/Fantasy  SF/ファンタジー
    Thriller  スリラー
    Western  西部劇

    注意:口語英語では、普通 science fiction のことをSFとは言いませんが、文章では、SF(または Sci-Fi )と表現されることがあります。

(movie) GENRE


  1. a: What's your favorite movie genre?
    b: I think I like comedies best.
  2. (friends at a video store)
    a: What kind of movie are you in the mood for?
    b: I feel like seeing a love story.
  3. My son is crazy about science fiction. He's seen every alien and monster movie ever made.
  4. Have you seen that documentary about global warming?
  5. He's an actor who made his career as an action hero. He starred in some of the biggest box office successes of the 1980s.
  6. (movie trailer)
    From the makers of “The Stranger from Berlitz” comes an epic drama of power, passion, and betrayal, based on the best-selling novel.

英会話レッスンHurray for Hollywood!