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For Life
2009.03.17(Review of 2001.11.26 edition)

It's time to turn down the lights, raise the curtain, and lose ourselves in the exciting world of the movies. Here's your Tuesday thriller!

Today's Lesson
PLAY / SHOW (a movie)   上映される、(映画を)上映する


  • If a MOVIE is playing at, showing at, or is simply at a THEATER, it can be seen there.

    We can also say that a THEATER is playing or showing a MOVIE.
  • 映画に関して、a movie is playing at a theater 、あるいは、 a movie is showing at a theater または、単に a movie is at a theater と言うと、映画館で映画を見ることができる、つまり、上映されている、という意味です。

    a theater is playing a movie または a theater is showing a movie と言うこともできます。

PLAY / SHOW (a movie)


  1. (movie trailer)
    Don't miss the movie event of the summer - “The Stranger from Berlitz.” Now playing at theaters everywhere!
  2. a: What's showing at the movie theater this weekend?
    b: A thriller starring Humphrey Bogart.
  3. “The Stranger from Berlitz” is at the drive-in for only $10 a car. Would you like to go with me tonight?
  4. The film society at my university is going to show a series of classic horror films starting next weekend.
  5. They're playing an Al Jolson double-feature (= two movies for the price of one) at the Berlitz Old-Time Theater.

英会話レッスンWe hope you enjoyed the film!