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For Life

Well, all good things must come to an end and so, too, this week's series. We hope you're excited about using some of these WordMasters to talk with your English teachers or English-speaking friends and colleagues about all the great movies you've seen in the past and all the wonderful movies to come. It's a topic everyone seems to enjoy!

And now, one last edition before we turn up the lights ...

Today's Lesson
COME OUT (= start playing)   公開される


  • If a movie comes out, it starts playing at movie theaters.
  • 映画について come out と言うと、映画館での上映が始まる、つまり、公開される、という意味です。

COME OUT (= start playing)


  1. Do you know when the new Max Berlitz film is supposed to come out?
  2. I just saw a list of movies that are coming out this summer. There are a couple that I'm really looking forward to seeing.
  3. a: Do you want to go see “The Stranger from Berlitz” tonight?
    b: We can't. It hasn't come out yet.

英会話レッスンEnjoy the long weekend, and we'll see you at the movies!