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For Life

Welcome back! Can you believe April is just a couple of days away? Are the cherry blossoms out where you are? Well, with spring on our minds these days, we felt like bringing you a set of expressions as fresh as the season, and we've come up with five real winners!

Your English conversations will never be the same again!

Today's Lesson
GOOD FOR YOU!   よかったね。よくやったね。


  • You can say Good for you! to someone if you think they've done something good or done it well.
  • 誰かがいいことをしたり、何かをうまくやったりしたと思ったとき、その人に対して Good for you! 「よくやったね!」と言うことができます。



  1. a: I haven't had a cigarette in 6 months.
    b: Good for you!
  2. a: Now that her kids are older, Ellen's decided to go back to school and get her degree.
    b: Good for her!
  3. a: I won first prize in the art show.
    b: Good for you! I always told you you had talent.

英会話レッスンVery good, indeed!