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MILEAGE   走行距離


  • Mileage is the total number of miles (or kilometers) a car has been driven.

    It's also the number of miles (or kilometers) a car can be driven using a gallon (or liter) of gasoline.
  • mileage とは、車が走ったマイル(キロメートル)の総数、つまり、走行距離のことです。




  1. (at a used car lot)
    a: I'm looking for a low-mileage Japanese car.
    b: How about this one here?
    a: What's the mileage on it?
    b: 61,000 kilometers.
  2. a: We drove to New Mexico over spring break.
    b: You drove all the way to New Mexico? How much mileage did you put on the car?
  3. (talking about a car)
    a: What kind of mileage does it get?
    b: About 30 miles per gallon on the highway, 20 in the city. It's much more fuel-efficient than my last car.
  4. I've always driven small cars. They cost less, get better mileage, and are easier to park.

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