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Today's Lesson


  • To incinerate something is to burn it completely until it's just ashes (= gray or black powder).

    An incinerator is a device for incinerating things, especially waste.
  • incinerate とは、何かを、灰(灰色や黒色の粉)だけになるまで完全に燃やす、つまり、焼却する、という意味です。

    incinerator とは、もの、特にごみを焼却するための装置、つまり、焼却炉のことです。



  1. a: What happens to the food waste I put out in the trash?
    b: I think it's incinerated.
  2. Some of the incinerators in Japan produce electricity and hot water.
  3. Until about 15 years ago, many of the high-rise apartment buildings in the city had their own incinerators.

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