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Greetings! It's good to have you back!

Like people, no two towns are exactly the same. But, like the head, limbs, and torso most of us share, there are certain basic parts you can expect to find in any good-sized city. This week, we'll stretch our limbs and take a tour of those parts - with you at our side, we hope!

Today's Lesson


  • Downtown or the city center is the main part of a city, where there are many stores and other businesses.

    Be Careful! We often don't use an article (for example, “a” or “the”) or a preposition (for example, “to” or “in”) before the word downtown when it's used alone.
  • downtown or the city center とは、多くの店舗や企業などがある、街の中心部、つまり、繁華街、中心街のことです。

    注意:downtown という単語が単独で使われる場合、 a や the などの冠詞、または to や in などの前置詞は普通使用しません。



  1. I used to live in an apartment downtown, but then the rent got too high.
  2. I'm going downtown to do some errands.
  3. She works downtown now and loves being able to have lunch at all the different restaurants.
  4. The tallest building in the United States is in downtown Chicago.
  5. The interstate (highway) passes through the city two miles east of the city center.
  6. I heard that they're going build a new mall in the city center.

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