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SUBURB   郊外、近郊住宅地


  • A suburb is a mostly residential area on the edge of a city.

    Be Careful! “Bed town” (ベッドタウン) is Japanese-English and is NOT used to mean suburb.
  • suburb とは、主に街はずれにある住宅地のことです。

    注意:「ベッドタウン」は和製英語です。suburb という意味をさす英語としては使いません。



  1. I work downtown, but live in the suburbs.
  2. After we had our third child, we decided to move into a bigger house in the suburbs.
  3. I did a homestay in Australia, in a suburb of Melbourne. My host family had a house with a swimming pool in the backyard!
  4. (fictional news report)
    Residents of (= people who live in) Berlitzville, a popular London suburb, say that a mountain lion has been seen in several parks in the area.

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