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Something that all pet owners (or pet “companions”) know is that a trip is always more fun when you bring your pet along. Well, almost always...

Today's Lesson
(TAKE TO THE) VET   獣医(に連れていく)


  • A vet or veterinarian is an animal doctor.

    If your pet needs to see a doctor, you take your pet to the vet.

    You can also take someone to the doctor or to the dentist.
  • vet または veterinarian とは、動物を診る医者、つまり、獣医のことです。

    ペットを医者に診せる必要があるときは、take your pet to the vet で、ペットを獣医に連れていく、と言います。

    take someone to the doctor または to the dentist で、人を医者に連れていく/歯医者に連れていく、と言うこともできます。

TAKE (a baby) FOR A WALK / WALK (a dog)


  1. a: I hear you're going to vet school.
    b: Yes. I'm studying to be a wildlife veterinarian.
  2. Lucky didn't eat any of his dog food again. Maybe we should take him to the vet.
  3. (Anne, a 10-year-old girl, is home with a cold)
    ANNE'S GRANDMA: Have you taken her to the doctor yet?
    ANNE'S MOM: Mom, it's just a cold.

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