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For Life
2009.09.28(Review of 2004.02.02 edition)

The trumpets blast a fanfare, and the lion roars his approval. It's showtime! Get ready for drama, romance, and adventure - WordMaster style - because this week we're going to the movies!

Today's Lesson
SCENE (in a movie)   (映画の)場面、シーン


  • A scene is part of a movie, play, book, etc., in which the events occur in one place without breaks in time.
  • scene は、映画、演劇、本などの中の一部分で、出来事がひと続きの時間の中、一つの場所で起こる部分、つまり、場面のことです。

SCENE (in a movie)


  1. a: What was your favorite scene in the movie?
    b: I really like the scene where they meet at the top of the Empire State Building.
  2. In the final scene of the book, Rhett leaves Scarlett for good.
  3. a: Where have I heard that song before?
    b: It was used in a famous scene in the movie “On the Road to Berlitz.”
  4. The play opens with a love scene on the balcony, like in “Romeo and Juliet.”
  5. If you were a movie actress, how would you feel about doing a nude scene?
  6. They say the chase scenes in this movie took months to film.

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