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2009.10.02(Review of 2004.02.06 edition)

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Today's Lesson
DUB   吹き替えをする


  • To dub a movie, or the lines in a movie, is to replace the original recording of the lines with a recording by a different actor, often in a different language.
  • 映画や映画の台詞について dub と言うと、最初に録音された台詞を、多くは別の言語で、別の役者が録音したものに替える、つまり、吹き替えをする、という意味です。



  1. Would you rather see a movie with subtitles or one that's been dubbed?
  2. Some of the best Japanese animated films have been dubbed into English using the voices of famous Hollywood actors.
  3. The actor had such a strong German accent that they had to dub many of his lines because they were hard to understand.
  4. That's not her real voice, you know. Her songs were dubbed.
  5. The video store only had the dubbed version left, so I got something else.

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