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For Life
2009.10.26(Review of 2004.03.16 edition)

Hello! It's a pleasure to have you back!

You know, for a species that makes such a big deal about the fact that we can stand upright and walk on two legs, we spend an awful lot of time sitting down. So naturally there's a lot of interesting vocabulary centered around the activity, some of which we're going to share with you this week. We start with a WordMaster that's soft, warm, and comfortable ... shouldn't everything be?

Today's Lesson


  • A floor cushion is a bag (usually made of cloth) filled with soft material that you put on the floor to kneel (= place both knees on) or sit on.
  • floor cushion は、(通常布製の)やわらかい詰め物をした袋で、床に置いてその上に正座(=両膝をのせる)したり、座ったりするためのもの、つまり、座布団のことです。



  1. Can you get the floor cushions out of the closet? Our guests will be here any minute.
  2. My legs get very cold in this room in the winter if I don’t sit on a floor cushion.
  3. Why don't you use a floor cushion? You'll be more comfortable.
  4. (at the end of a yoga class)
    Please stack your floor cushions up in the corner before you leave.

英会話レッスンEnjoy the rest of the day!