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2009.11.18 (Review of 2003.10.02 edition)

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Today's Lesson
EXACT (CHANGE/FARE)   ぴったりの(金額/料金)


  • Exact change is exactly the amount of money you need to buy something.

    Exact fare is exactly the amount of money you need to ride a bus, train, taxi, etc. This expression is commonly used when talking about bus fare.
  • exact change は、何かを買うために必要なぴったりの金額、という意味です。

    exact fare は、バスや電車、タクシーなどに乗るために必要なぴったりの料金、という意味です。この表現は、バス料金のことを言うときによく使われます。



  1. If you're paying your toll with exact change, you can use the express lanes on the right.
  2. Please pay with exact change because our pizza delivery people don't carry change with them.
  3. (a sign on a vending machine)
    Exact change only.
  4. Please have exact fare ready when getting on the bus.
  5. We're sorry, but drivers cannot make change if you do not have the exact fare.

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