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For Life
2009.12.16 (Review of 2001.12.13 edition)

If you find this year's holiday season short on “tidings of comfort and joy”, it may be of some comfort to have just the right word to express your less-than-festive mood.

Today's Lesson
BLUE (= sad)   憂鬱な


  • Blue Christmasby Billy Hayes and Jay Johnson
    Blue is, of course, a color, but it is also a mood. Someone is blue when they are sad or depressed. Blue is also the mood of the style of jazz music called “blues”.
  • blue は、もちろん青い色のことですが、ある種の気分のことでもあり、悲しい、落ち込んでいる、という意味です。また、blue は、blues と呼ばれるジャズのスタイルの雰囲気を表しています。

BLUE (= sad)


  1. Why so blue, Mary? Did you get some bad news?
  2. a: What's the matter, Tim? Are you sick?
    b: No, I'm just feeling a little blue.
  3. Jack and I have been rather blue since Amy left for college. We miss having her around the house.

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