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For Life
2009.12.22 (Review of 2001.12.20 edition)

Christmas has two very different faces. There's the light, fun side of the holiday - the Christmas of Santa Claus, brightly colored packages, laughter, and song - and the serious, sacred side - the Christmas of hope and quiet celebration. We'll look at both aspects of the holiday, one day at a time.

Today's Lesson
JINGLE / JOLLY   リンリン鳴る/陽気な


  • Jingle Bellsby James S. Pierpont
    Jolly Old Saint NicholasTraditional, 19th century, U.S.A.
    When small bells (like鈴), keys, or coins in your pocket jingle, they make a repeated light ringing sound.

    To be jolly is to be happy and cheerful.
  • jingle は、(鈴などの)小さいベルや、鍵、ポケットの中の小銭が、繰り返し軽やかに鳴る、という意味です。

    jolly は、楽しくて明るい、陽気な、という意味です。



  1. My father put some Christmas bells up on the front door, and they jingle whenever someone comes in.
  2. (someone living in an apartment building)
    You can always tell when the building manager is coming by the jingling of his keys.
  3. Santa Claus is often shown as a fat, jolly old man in a red suit.
  4. After a terrific meal and some excellent wine, we were all feeling quite jolly.

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