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For Life
2009.12.24 (Review of 2001.12.21 edition)

Merry Christmas! On Tuesday, the Berlitz Carolers looked at the lighter side of Christmas. Today they recall the original meaning of the holiday!

Today's Lesson
SILENT / HOLY   静かな/神聖な


  • Silent Nightby Joseph Mohr (original words in German) and Franz Gruber
    Oh Holy Nightby Cappeau de Roquemaure (original words in French) and
    Adolphe Charles Adam

    To be silent is to be quiet, without noise.

    To be holy is to be connected with God or religion.
  • silent は、静かで物音がしない状態を表します。

    holy は、神や宗教に関わる、つまり、神聖な、という意味です。



  1. I love taking walks along the silent streets of the city on snowy nights.
  2. Everyone in the room was silent after hearing the sad news.
  3. Jerusalem is a holy city in Israel.
  4. Christmas is an important Christian holy day. It's the day they celebrate the birth of Christ.

英会話レッスンThe WordMaster is taking next week off for the New Year's holiday, and we hope you'll be doing the same. So, until we meet again on the 4th of January, 2010, we wish you the peace and joy of this very special season!