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2009.05.19(Review of 2005.10.04 edition)

Life, love, and business all have their ups and downs. But that doesn't have to be a downer!

Today's Lesson
FALL OFF (= get worse)   落ち込む


  • If business, sales, etc., fall off, they get worse.
  • ビジネスや売上などに関して fall off というと、ビジネスや売上などが悪くなる、という意味になります。

FALL OFF (= get worse)


  1. a: How are things at the store?
    b: They've been better. Business has been falling off a little lately.
  2. Sales of their products fell off rapidly after news of the scandal made headlines.
  3. Reservations at the hotel have fallen off 20% compared to this time last year. This bad weather is really hurting business.
  4. Call center inquiries have been falling off since the advertisement was pulled.

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