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Today's Lesson
THIS COMING (weekend)   次の(週末)


  • This coming - as in “this coming weekend” - means “the one about to happen”.
  • this coming は、これから間もなくやってくる、という意味で、this coming weekend (次の週末)のように使われます。

THIS COMING (weekend)


  1. In Examples 1-3, it's Wednesday, December 9th.
  2. The shipment is scheduled to arrive this coming Friday (= on the 11th).
  3. Do you have any plans for this coming weekend (= for the 12th and 13th)?
  4. a: Did we make an appointment for this Monday?
    b: No, not this coming Monday (= the 14th) but the Monday after that (= the 21st).
  5. I'm going to ask Phillip to give the opening remarks at this coming annual meeting.

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