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2009.12.24 (Review of 2005.09.13 edition)

Merry Christmas!! Here's a stocking stuffer from the jolly old WordMaster himself!

Today's Lesson
PDA   携帯用情報端末、小型コンピュータ


  • PDA stands for “personal digital assistant”. It's a computer that's small and light enough to be held in the hand and often has a pen-like “stylus” that's used to input information.

    Other words for PDA are handheld computer and palmtop computer.
  • PDA は、personal digital assistant の略で、手に持てるぐらい小さくて軽いコンピュータのことです。たいてい、情報を入力するスタイラスというペンのようなものがついています。

    PDA の他に、handheld computerpalmtop computer という呼び方もあります。



  1. Most of my friends have PDAs, but I think I'll just keep using my day planner. I prefer pen and paper.
  2. Some of the new handheld computers have become almost as powerful as laptops.
  3. The best thing about my palmtop computer is that I can draft e-mails while standing on the train.

英会話レッスンRemember, the WordMaster will be taking next week off to enjoy the New Year's holiday. So until we meet again on January 4th, 2010, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a joyous, peaceful New Year!