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For Life
2010.01.20(Review of 2000.10.19 and 2004.12.08 edition)

What's the fun in receiving a compliment if you can't understand it? So read on and prepare for praise!

Today's Lesson
GOOD AT / GOOD SKIER   〜が上手である、得意である/スキーが上手な人


  • To be good at something is to be able to do it well.

    A good skier is someone who skis well, and a good snowboarder is someone who snowboards well.

    We can also make similar expressions with hundreds of other words (= verb + “-er”), such as good teacher, good driver, good singer, etc.
  • 何かについて be good at と言うと、上手な、得意な、という意味になります。

    good skier は、スキーが上手な人のことで、good snowboarder は、スノーボードが上手な人のことです。

    他の単語(動詞+ er の形)を使うと、似たような表現をたくさん作ることができます。例えば、good teacher (良い教師)、good driver (運転が上手な人)、good singer (歌が上手な人)などです。



  1. a: Are you good at any sports?
    b: I'm pretty good at (ice) hockey.
  2. Many of my students are very good at reading English, but have trouble speaking.
  3. Lisa was on her college ski team, so she must be a good skier.
  4. a: How did you two get to be such good snowboarders?
    b: We've both been surfing since we were kids, so snowboarding came easy.
  5. A good teacher can make a real difference in a child's life.
  6. She must be a pretty good writer if she writes for a newspaper.
  7. The current is strong here, so don't go out very far unless you're a very good swimmer.

英会話レッスンYou're looking good out there!