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For Life
2010.01.29 (Review of 2004.12.03 edition)

Hello! Once again, we've saved the best for last. Today's edition looks at the queen of “necessary luxuries”!

Today's Lesson
CENTRAL HEATING   セントラルヒーティング


  • Central heating is a system for warming a whole building by pumping heat to the rooms from a central furnace.
  • central heating は、中央の熱源装置から各部屋に熱を送り、建物全体を暖めるシステムのことです。



  1. We have central heating, so even in the middle of winter you can walk around the house wearing only a T-shirt.
  2. Central heating is nice, but our gas bills in the winter sure aren't!
  3. (customer to employee at a coffee shop)
    a: Would you mind turning up the heat? It's a little cold in here.
    b: I'm sorry, but this building has central heating. We're not able to control the temperature ourselves.
  4. (on the phone with a heating company)
    I'd like to find out how much it would cost to install a central heating system in my home.

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