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Despite appearances, this is a WordMaster that's most definitely NOT for the dogs!

Today's Lesson
DOGGIE BAG   持ち帰り用の入れ物、ドギーバッグ


  • A doggie bag is a bag, box, or other container that's given to a restaurant customer to take home leftover food.
  • doggie bag とは、レストランのお客が、食べ残したものを家に持って帰るためにもらう、袋、箱、またはその他の容器のことです。



  1. (customer to waitress)
    Could I have a doggie bag, please?
  2. (waiter pointing to food on a customer's plate)
    Are you still working on (= eating) that, or shall I bring you a doggie bag?
  3. (talking about a well-known restaurant chain)
    They've started using doggie bags made of cardboard instead of less environmentally-friendly materials.

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