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2010.03.04(Review of 2001.05.08 edition)

Berlitz WordMaster - shining the light of understanding on yet another pair of commonly confused words!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉CATEGORY: 間違いやすいボキャブラリー


  • A traffic light is a set of green, yellow, and red electric lights used to control traffic at an intersection.

    A streetlight is a light (usually on top of a tall pole) next to a street or road.

    Be Careful! In English, the “go” light is green, NOT blue.
  • traffic light は、交差点で交通を整理するために使われる、青色、黄色、赤色の電灯を組み合わせたもの、つまり、信号のことです。

    streetlight は、街路や道路の横の(通常は高い柱の上にある)照明、つまり、街灯のことです。

    注意:英語では、「進行」の信号は、blue ではなく green と言います。



  1. We've taught our children to wait until the traffic light is green before crossing the street.
  2. This traffic light takes a very long time to change, doesn't it? It's been red for almost two minutes now.
  3. Turn left at the third set of lights (= traffic lights). The library will be on the right at the corner.
  4. (driver to policeman)
    a: What's the problem, officer?
    b: You just ran through a red light.
  5. This road is so dark. Why don't they put some streetlights here?
  6. a: What happened to the streetlight?
    b: It looks like someone hit it with their car.
  7. The city is planning to replace all the old streetlights with LED lights in order to save energy.

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