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For Life
2010.03.19(Review of 2006.06.14 edition)

It's impossible to overestimate the importance of this “simple” task that every new mother and father faces. What's in a name? More than we realize!

Today's Lesson
NAME (a baby)   (赤ちゃんに)名前をつける


  • To name (verb) - or choose a name for - someone or something is to give them a name.
  • 動詞の name または choose a name は、人や物に名前をつける、という意味です。

NAME (a baby)


  1. We've decided to name the baby Maximilian.
  2. You're kidding! You really named your pet pig Ham?
  3. I went to school with a boy named George Washington.
  4. Pollyanna was named after her mother's two sisters, Polly and Anna.
  5. We'd like to choose a name for her that's unique.
  6. We haven't chosen a name yet. We're trying to decide between Luke and Matthew.

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