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For Life
2010.03.31 (Review of 2000.11.23 edition)

Welcome back to one last edition of WordMaster For Life before we have to say goodbye! Today we bring you a memory from our very first year, specially chosen for this occasion because it's everything we'd like to express to you today!

Today's Lesson
THANK YOU   ありがとう


  • There are many ways to say thank you. Try some of these the next time you feel grateful:
  • thank you(ありがとう)の言い方にはいろいろあります。感謝の気持ちを表したいときに使ってみましょう。

    GENERAL USE (一般的)
     Thank you.

    POLITE (丁寧)
     Thank you very much. (strong)
     (thank you より深い感謝)

    FRIENDLY (カジュアル)
     Thanks a lot. (strong)
     (thanks より深い感謝)
     Thanks a million. (very strong)
     (thanks a lot より深い感謝)
     Thanks again. (when saying “thank you” a second time)



  1. (right after dinner at a friend's home)
    Thank you for the delicious meal.

    (later in the evening, saying goodbye)
    Goodnight, and thanks again for the wonderful meal.
  2. (to a friend carrying two large suitcases)
    a: Let me take one of those for you.
    b: Thanks.
  3. (saying goodbye to your host family)
    Thank you very much for all your help, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. And thanks a lot for letting me stay in your room, Billy.
  4. (friends)
    a: I'll lend you my car for the weekend if you want.
    b: Really? That's great! Thanks a million!

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It's been a tremendous honor and a great pleasure to bring you For Life all these years. We hope our work has made a difference in your lives; you've certainly made a difference in ours. And so, from all of us at WordMaster For Life, we leave you with one final, heartfelt expression (and one last exclamation point, as well) ... THANKS A MILLION!