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Today's Lesson
(service)-ORIENTED   (サービス)中心の、〜志向の


  • To be oriented towards something is to be aimed at or interested in it.
  • 何かに関して oriented と言うと、それを目的としている、または、関心がある、という意味です。


  1. The company's logging practices have always been oriented towards long-term sustainability.
  2. This latest stimulus package is oriented to reducing unemployment by spurring growth in the manufacturing sector.
  3. I've never been very academically oriented and was eager to start working.
  4. Some people feel that medical clinics and hospitals should never be profit-oriented.
  5. (want ad)
    Berlitz Studios has an immediate opportunity for a service-oriented, creative individual.
  6. (customer to travel agent)
    I'm looking for a family-oriented resort hotel in Cancun, Mexico.

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