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It's time to wrap up this week's series with one last business buzzword. Notice the word “net” at the beginning of today's expression, and you'll have a clue as to its meaning.

Today's Lesson
NETWORK   ネットワーク、ネットワークを作る


  • A network (noun) is a group of people, stores, computers, etc., that work or socialize together, exchange information, etc.

    To network (verb) is to meet people in order to create business opportunities or exchange useful information.
  • network (名詞)は、共に協力やお付き合いをしたり、情報を交換をする人やお店やコンピュータなどの集まり、つまり、ネットワークのことです。

    network (動詞)は、ビジネスの機会を作るためや、有益な情報を交換するために人と知り合いになること、つまり、ネットワークを作る、という意味です。



  1. Berlitz Telecom, which is already operating the largest communications network in the country, has announced plans to set up over 500 new mobile relay stations in remote areas.
  2. It will be interesting to see how they choose to leverage the vast distribution network they've acquired in the merger.
  3. It helps to have a large network of contacts when it comes time to change jobs.
  4. The conference was a great opportunity to learn about recent advances in the field and network with peers.
  5. (small business owner)
    We've had some success in using social networking Web sites to attract new customers and tell them about our products.

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