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Greetings! This Thursday marks an important anniversary for the planet and all its inhabitants. It's the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, a day on which people around the world celebrate our precious home and raise awareness of the threats it faces. And as he so often does, the WordMaster will be doing his own awareness raising all this week. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • Packaging (uncountable noun) or a package (countable) is a box, bag, wrapper, etc., that's used to cover a product.

    The meaning of package can also include what's inside a box, etc.

    To package (verb) a product is to cover it with a box, etc.
  • packaging (数えられない名詞)や package (数えられる名詞)は、製品を覆うための箱や袋、包み紙など、つまり、包装のことです。

    package は、箱などの中に入っているものをさすこともあります。

    動詞の package は、箱などで製品を覆う、つまり、包装する、詰める、という意味です。



  1. Our cosmetics are never tested on animals and come in recyclable packaging.
  2. Look at all this packaging for just a few cookies! They're individually wrapped, in a plastic tray in a cardboard box, and the box was gift-wrapped and given to me in a paper shopping bag with a handle. What a terrible waste!
  3. Current regulations require cigarette manufacturers to include health warnings right on the package.
  4. I bought a package of 100 business card magnets for $24.
  5. The tea comes beautifully packaged in an old-fashioned tin.

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