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2010.05.24 (Review of 2006.12.18 edition)

Greetings! The great Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote that “the best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men” often go wrong. Well, although careful planning is no guarantee of success, it certainly helps your chances. So this week, we look at four words about making and implementing a plan - words that'll also contribute nicely to your success in building a powerful business vocabulary. ... Or at least that's the plan. :)

Today's Lesson


  • An objective is a goal (= something you hope to do successfully).
  • objective とは、目的や目標(成功させたいと思うこと)という意味です。



  1. Companies often summarize their philosophies and objectives in a mission statement.
  2. Our main objective for the next fiscal year is to increase the organization's profitability.
  3. (career counselor)
    The standard recommendation is to state your career objective in your resume, but I feel such statements are too limiting.
  4. (back cover of self-help book)
    This book will guide you through the seven rules of wise investing to help you reach your financial objectives.
  5. (speaker at conference)
    In my talk, I will be describing the long-term objectives of my organization and how we hope to achieve those objectives in the coming years.

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