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Today's Lesson
HEDGE (FUND)   ヘッジ(ファンド)


  • In finance, a hedge (noun) is something that protects you from losing money.

    The verb form is also hedge.

    A hedge fund is a special kind of investment fund in which money from a limited number of large shareholders is used to make aggressive, high-risk investments (not allowed for ordinary mutual funds) in order to increase returns.
  • 金融において、hedge (名詞)とは、損をするのを防ぐもの、つまり、ヘッジのことです。

    動詞形も hedge で、リスクを回避する、という意味です。

    hedge fund は、限られた数の大口の出資者から集めたお金を使って利益を増やすために、(普通の投資信託には認められていない)積極的でハイリスクな投資をする特別な種類の投資ファンド、つまり、ヘッジファンドのことです。


  1. Have you heard those radio ads that urge people to buy gold as a hedge against inflation?
  2. Some of my neighbors have even started gardening and raising chickens as a hedge against future uncertainty. They're worried about rising food costs.
  3. Would buying a diversified group of international stocks be a good way to hedge against foreign exchange risks?
  4. I used to be a hedge fund manager, so I'm used to dealing with high-worth investors.

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