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2010.07.06 (Review of 2008.03.05 edition)

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Today's Lesson


  • A business's profit margin is its profits divided by its sales, usually expressed as a percentage. In other words:

    profit margin = (profits/sales) X 100
  • profit margin とは、企業の利益を売上げで割ったもので、通常、パーセンテージで表します。つまり:

    profit margin =(利益÷売上げ)× 100



  1. (store owner to customer)
    I can't go any lower on the price. My profit margin is already only 10%.
  2. The contractor was very eager to do the work for us and was willing to cut his profit margin down to 15%.
  3. More competition usually means lower profit margins.
  4. They've nearly cornered the market, which is why they're able to keep their profit margins so high.

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